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NEW COVID-Related Practices and Guidelines!

Updated: Jun 18

These past three months have been life-changing for all of us! We are in a time of the new "normal" where we must be very vigilant, not only about our own health, but also of those around us.

SARS-CoV2, better known as COVID-19, has wrecked havoc globally through illness and death. We have undergone many changes to contain and reduce the spread of this disease and we must continue because it will not be going anywhere for quite sometime. Governor Hogan's Executive Orders now permit the opening of massage practices under certain conditions. In order to keep exposure to a minimum, there will be changes and certain practices that must be adhered to keep everyone safe.

  1. ALL clients will be pre-screened for COVID-related symptoms prior to being seen for a scheduled appointment. Pre-screening will involve attesting to in written format or verbally being free of ALL COVID-related symptoms, recent contact with others with the diagnosis and having a current diagnosis. This may also include having your temperature checked with an infrared thermometer prior to appointment. ANY "Yes" response to a COVID-related symptom, contact and/or current diagnosis will automatically cause for the cancellation of the appointment. If you have ANY symptom or diagnosis prior to the appointment, please use sound judgment, stay home and cancel the appointment ahead of time.

  2. You will be asked to wait in your car until the room is ready for you to be seen. This will reduce any contact with others in the waiting area or other staff at any of the locations.

  3. You MUST where a face mask or covering at all times! Face masks or coverings must be worn upon entering into the building, massage space and during the massage session. A non-medical face mask will be available to clients whose face mask becomes torn and tattered during the session.

  4. You MUST wash your hands BEFORE and AFTER the massage session.

  5. There will be a limited number of days and time slots available at both locations to reduce capacity and contact, and to ensure there is enough time to clean equipment and surfaces between clients. It is highly encouraged that you book appointments in advance.

  6. Certain services will be temporarily discontinued because of the additional time it will take to clean, disinfect and sanitize between clients. These services are hot stone massage and heated and cooling therapy services.

  7. ALL other appointment related conditions apply as before. Please see FAQs section of website.

Therapists are required to wear PPE (personal protective equipment) at all times during the massage session. This includes, but may not be limited to, face masks, head covering, eye shield, gown and/or gloves. Hand hygiene for massage sessions was always a priority and will continue to be. When possible, disposal items will be used for the massage session. Any area or object that a client comes in contact with during the session will be throughly wiped down or disposed of and replaced between clients.

This all may sound so stressful! Our lives may have forever changed, but the healing powers of touch have remained the same. We welcome you back with open arms and elbow bumps. Your smile and spirit has been missed ;-) !

~Kyanni, The Kneader




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